Trying to Let Go

As a parent of a SENIOR, I am trying to have Noah do more for himself.  It is hard for me to watch him stress over minor situations and not help him find a solution.  I am the Italian-Jew mom who hovers and helps no matter if he wants it or not.

He is almost 18!  So, I am trying to step back and wait for him to ask for help.  This transition for both of us is not easy.  I know he will benefit in the long run.


Who else does this?

I just sent out my yearly emails to the teachers.  I give them a heads up about Noah.  I also let them know I am here to support them in any way they need it.  Sometimes I hear back from the teachers.  Other times, I don’t hear a word.

I am just curious do any other parents of special needs students do this too?

Back To School…Anxiety Rears its Ugly Head 

Noah is home from all his camp experiences.  He is vegging out like all kids should during the summer.  However, he still has chores and various tasks to complete before school starts.  

I can tell the idea of going back to school is causing him anxiety.   Noah’s tone of voice has changed from happy go lucky to high pitched defensive tone.   In addition,  he seems to become more fatigued doing simple tasks.  After the task, he takes long naps.He says the idea of school isn’t stressing him, but his behaviors tell a different story.  

I try not to engage in a discussion about better choices when Noah is loosing control. His father and I try to wait until he is calm to discuss the ways to handle a situation better.  some days are better than others.

The beginning of school season can be a bumpy road.  I need to remember to try and stay calm and breathe.  I may even need to go for a walk to avoid a confrontation with Noah.  

I need to take one moment at a time.  This to shall pass.