Life Moves Too Quickly

Noah is entering his senior year of college. Something new about Noah’s demeanor this summer, he is working toward paying his way on a study abroad trip. He wants to attend a study abroad trip to Paris, his favorite city. We already paid for a few of these trips, he went to the Galapagos and London. Now, we explained to him that he would need to pay or the trip but we would provide the airfare. I thought he would loose it and have a panic attack. He was insanely chill and understood. Noah thanked us for always supporting him. Needless to say, our jaws dropped. What an amazing change over the last year!

To attain his goal, Noah is now working three jobs. We did not ask this of him. These jobs presented themselves and Noah worked them out to fit his schedule. He walks dogs for wag, he works at the grocery story, and this morning he picked up a Saturday morning job at a small pastry place on the westside. I am impressed with his motivation. Kiddos to this kiddo.

In addition, Noah is working diligently to find an internship for fall. He might have found a perfect match for him. He may (fingers crossed) work for a gaming magazine in the fall. Noah had an interview yesterday that sounded like it went well. Noah, just needs to write a mock critique on a game for the company. It was cool to eaves drop. The gentleman on the other end said that Noah “sounded like a cool dude”. I loved that! Those types of comments are what we all want to hear from others. Then, one knows the other person really understands who Noah is as a person.

Just on a side note: Don’t think he doesn’t have his meltdowns anymore, he still does. The difference is that he is able to sit down and talk it through better. Is it maturity that comes with age? I am not sure. However, talking him off the ledge is much easier now than ever before. In my book all of these talks are positive. So proud of my son and the man he is becoming.