Noah is home from all his camp experiences.  He is vegging out like all kids should during the summer.  However, he still has chores and various tasks to complete before school starts.  

I can tell the idea of going back to school is causing him anxiety.   Noah’s tone of voice has changed from happy go lucky to high pitched defensive tone.   In addition,  he seems to become more fatigued doing simple tasks.  After the task, he takes long naps.He says the idea of school isn’t stressing him, but his behaviors tell a different story.  

I try not to engage in a discussion about better choices when Noah is loosing control. His father and I try to wait until he is calm to discuss the ways to handle a situation better.  some days are better than others.

The beginning of school season can be a bumpy road.  I need to remember to try and stay calm and breathe.  I may even need to go for a walk to avoid a confrontation with Noah.  

I need to take one moment at a time.  This to shall pass.  


    1. He is a senior in high school. We just finished registration this morning. He was so flustered by the disorganization, he is upstairs taking a nap.
      What grade is your child in?

      1. Mason will be a freshman. Talk about stressful……he had a panic attack the other night that lasted for an hour because of the upcoming school year. If you have some advice, I’m all ears. 😀

      2. I think what I have learned is take one moment at a time. Breathe. Each freak out is different. So, my advice is to try and stay calm with in all the madness. I haven’t always stayed calm and I regret those moments. I try to talk to my son either later that day when he is calmer or the next day. I usually ask him why he felt a certain way or why he said or did what he did. Many times he doesn’t know the reasons. When this occurs, I have to ask probing questions or questions that he needs to think about and revisit later. Putting off this conversation when he is more rational many times help him face the fears and anxiety. Remember one moment at a time. Let’s stay in touch.

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