I just sent out my yearly emails to the teachers.  I give them a heads up about Noah.  I also let them know I am here to support them in any way they need it.  Sometimes I hear back from the teachers.  Other times, I don’t hear a word.

I am just curious do any other parents of special needs students do this too?


  1. Yes I do this as well! Now that Mason is starting high school we have some concerns about him fitting in and not getting labeled. We have the fortune of living in state where open enrollment is an option. We have enrolled him into a small Christian based high school with a class size of 25 kids.
    I just sent the Email today and gave his teachers and principal a heads-up. I explained his challenges and mentioned some key areas to watch for.
    What do you put in your Emails?

    1. The small class size is a great way to help him. I send the same type of letter. I let the teachers know that kids know his triggers and try to set him off on purpose. They enjoy seeing him explode. However, the admin is aware and when my son is sent to the office the admin investigates further instead of taking it at face value. Another thing I explain to teachers is how he struggles in group work. This is where I need them to pay close attention. If it is a group project to do at home, then my son won’t get phone numbers, names or remember what part he is supposed to do.
      I also let them know I am here for to help them in anyway.
      Good luck in the school year!

    1. Group work is difficult. When Noah was in elementary, middle and high school, I had it written in to his IEP that group work is optional. In fact, it was a teacher from the school who suggested it to me.

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