Well, we received our son’s report card.  He did really well.  I knew he would.  The only low mark was in PE.  He earned a “U” for effort.  The comment from the teacher was that my son was uncooperative.   When I ask our son about this effort grade and comment, he had no idea why the teacher marked him that way.  So, I sent an email to the teacher of record and asked if she knew anything about this situation.  She told me that “Nico wanders off to areas he is not supposed to be in”  also she stated when redirected he is “often rude to adults”.   We told her we would talk to him.  When my husband picked him up from school he calmly spoke to Nico.  Nico began to get enraged screaming, “It’s not true.  You always take the schools side.”    My husband quickly replied, “Really?  Do you think the school has a conspiracy against you?”    Nico does have a problem being redirected by some of the teachers.  He tends to be flippant.   He can behave that way at home.  The difference is that my husband and I have been dealing with him for years.  We know how to deescalate the situation.  I have a feeling these teachers need more training on how to redirect students with Aspergers.   

How do you get your son or daughter to see his actions and reactions cause this behavior?   How do you teach them to respond to adults in a polite manner?

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