So, remember my post about weekend studies? Well, Nico got through only math. He forgot that I told him about vocabulary and science. In the car ride home from the market, he began to stress out. He started to raise his voice at us and shake his hands in the air. I knew that this situation could go two ways. If I start stressing and yelling back, well all hell will break loose. We might have full on blow-up or a rational discussion. I have realized over my many years of dealing with my son that calmer is definitely better. I have also learned that my son absorbs my stress like a sponge. In order for this not to happen, I needed to relax and realize he has today to finish the other two assignments. Furthermore, I looked at it as a goal, he met the goal at 66%. For my son, 66% without fighting and screaming is meeting the goal. He is working right now on science.
One thing I have to remember, as his parent, is to take one moment at a time and not project my stress and frustration on to him.

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