Well my son experienced a pretty low-key but fun spring break. We have been seeing a new child therapist. The therapist was really alarmed by the fact that my son has decided to become a hermit. The therapist said that we need to have him reconnect with friends because he has a deficit when dealing with people socially. So, we lit a figurative match under our son’s bum to reach out to old friends and plan activities. He didn’t see friends everyday. It was more like every other day. What was the most fun for our son was when my husband took our son and a few boys to Magic Mountain for the afternoon too. All the boys had a blast!!!!!
The important part is that we gently encouraged our son to reach out and be social. Each time he always came home with a smile and enjoyed reconnecting with friends. Once he was in the car and relaxed, I asked him how it felt to reach out and hang out with his old pals. He said, “It really felt good and wasn’t as scary as I thought”. The lesson for us as parents, we need to keep the low-burning figurative fire under his bum so that he won’t return to being a hermit.
With this break and a few friendly get togethers, our son still scheduled in his math homework, violin and bass guitar practice on sometimes on his own. Boy when aspie’s relax, the light really shines around them and the handsome smile returns. :). Love my son a ton!!!!!


  1. Bravo! What a great story! I always try to remember that my son’s comfort zone is being alone–simply because there’s no anxiety, no social tensions. But, I also try to remember that pushing him out of his comfort zone will benefit him in the long run–just as you saw with your son. My son is going to the movies today with a friend. And he has to gear up for the social interaction. But he’ll be so stoked when he returns, I just know it. Here’s to ‘fire under the bum!’

    1. Thank you, I too never realized the anxiety that is created in his mind before the social situation even happens. But, hopefully he will keep trying. Sometimes he will be successful and sometimes not but at least, I won’t let him give up.

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