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The other day I had a forty-five minute conversation about my son going to high school.  The current middle school he is at wants to place my son in SDC (Which would be far away from his neighborhood school). This is fine for some children but my child is accessing the curriculum and tests at advanced and proficient.  Furthermore, my son’s grades are A’s and B’s.

So, why do they want to send him to SDC?  The teacher of record is worried that my son’s off topic comments, nervous ticks, and occasional blurts will appear rude and the high school teachers will become upset.  Really???  Then, maybe these teachers need some training in compassion and understanding.  
Each day, I get some email about my son’s day.  For the most part, my son has great days.  Every now and then, I receive an email that says the teacher was upset because my son shouted our in class. While I appreciate the feedback, I expect this person to return to these teachers and say, “He has Asperger’s!  This is part of his disability.”  This seems to be where the school system differs from what the parents expect the teacher of record (person who is in charge of the child and the IEP while in that school) expect.  My middle school experience for my son has shown that these teachers tend to be weak and ineffective.   These teachers only care about making waves.  They are more concerned with the feelings of the teacher than the needs of the student.

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