Our IEP is on May 21st.  My husband and I are already butting heads with some of the school’s IEP team members.  My husband and I would like the school and teachers to honor the spirit of the IEP with regards to testing accommodations.  Instead, the school is saying things like “It is difficult for the teacher.”  So, my question is, “When did IEP’s become about what is best for the teacher and not the students?” 
If our son wants to take an exam in the general ed setting, so that he gives the appearance of a regular student, then fine.  However, he should be allowed to retake the exam if he fails.  He should not be penalized because he is trying to find his way in the mainstream classroom.  Just so everyone is aware, my son does study for his tests, but usually fails because of his anxiety and other related issues.  The school is not willing to provide support for him when this situation occurs because it is inconvenient for the teacher.  So, the message from the school to my son is, “It is okay to fail and no we won’t help you.”  This is so encouraging. NOT!!!!!!!!!!  It is depressing.  It is ridiculous.  Where is the accountability?  Where is the understanding that the IEP is a contract between the district and our family to provide support for the students with disabilities? 

In my school district where I work, the teachers collaborate and would find a way to make the accommodations work.  At the school, where my son attends, the Special Ed. Dept. is afraid to ruffle feathers and do their job.  This Special Ed. Dept.  needs to advocate for the exceptional learners with IEP’s.  The IEP’s are in place so these kids will be able to be successful in the least restrictive environment.  THIS IS THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOLLOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Can you e-mail the people you deal with in your school district to sign up for your blog? Maybe they will begin to get it. I don't know how the reward system works in most Special Ed Depts., but it must not be: we are rewarded when a student progresses from this level to higher. I think it is: we are rewarded when there are fewer students for us to deal with because ….(we don't have enough resources, etc.).

  2. I should email the district. I just might do this especially if we are going into due process. You're right about wanting fewer students to deal with. I think schools believe they are doing their job when there are less special Ed students to deal with on a daily basis. The districts M.O. is to say we have no money. The law says if the students needs the resource in order to access the curriculum in the least restrictive environment, then the school needs to provide the resource. However, the parent needs to fight for it each time. Thanks, Marie

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