Aspie teen’s weekend homework and studies

Well, it is one of those weekends where Nico has several assignments. So, how do we handle this without a huge meltdown from our beloved son?

Over the last month, we finally figured how to get our son to study on the weekend. First thing in the morning,
we give him down time. After an hour, we talk to him about the assignments he has due for Monday. We ask him,”What time do you want to start?”. Usually, it is a reasonable time.
This way he does what he needs to do for school, but he has some control. This helps him to feel empowered.
Now, don’t get me wrong, this is new and works for right now. Sometimes there are blow-ups, which can be deflated without over-reacting.
Currently, our son may try to negotiate more time, but he is receptive to starting his work. I do have to frequently monitor that he is not on YouTube or reading Japanese manga on the Internet. It is never perfect.

What works for you?

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I am Marie. I am a proud mom of Aspieteen. I am an educator in the public school system. I have seen and expierenced many school districts not meeting the needs on students with IEPs. This is frustrating to me as an educator and as a parent. Districts and schools seem to focus on the money and feelings of teachers rather than what is best for the student to be successful. Sometimes, I will share the interesting information I have found via tweeting and blogging. Then, other times, I will share my own personal experience at a parent with an exceptional teenager.

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